Conversation 1: Blogging Ethics

February 18, 2008

In our first discussion, our question is: What do you think is the the most important blogging ethic and why?

Don’t be shy, take part in our conversation!!



  1. Being original!
    It’s simply dishonest to take others’ content and pass it off as your own.
    And someone who has nothing of their own to write about really shouldn’t be keeping a blog.

  2. ethics? we don’t need no stinkin’ ethics.

  3. The most important blogging ethic is……
    Proper self-censorship.
    If we mind our Ps and Qs, the blogging scene would be so much more fun and reader friendly; no more opposing camps.

    We have to understand that there are so many perspective and point-of-views out there, so we shouldn’t condemn nor crusade our personal causes =)

  4. I think the #1 blogging sin is to present yourself as someone you are not, with the intention to mislead others.

  5. i firmly believe that the most important aspect about blogging is honesty. present the facts as they are, no distorting and no misrepresentation.

  6. Other than being original, ethical blogs will always cite and link their references.

  7. I would say that the most important part is simply not forgetting the basics. Blogging is about sharing; either sharing things of your personal life, or your passions. It’s supposed to be something personal, not links-gone-wild.

  8. My choice is honesty. I just wrote a post about the dishonest and unethical practice of spam-dexing and how wp.com has chosen to deal with it. And, now that I have found this related post I will link to it.

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