Conversation 2: Commenting Etiquette

February 18, 2008

As an extension of blogging, we’re also looking at commenting etiquette.

Time for you to be creative and give us a suggestion on guidelines for commenting, with 2 conditions

  1. It must be between 2 to 4 lines
  2. It must rhyme

Have fun!



  1. when you have nothing great to say
    it’s better to go away
    ‘cos it’s really quite uncool
    to say something akin to a fool

  2. or…

    when you have to make a comment,
    please try not stray,
    do not make empty rants,
    like an asses’s bray.

  3. personal attacks would be amiss
    you leave me mom out of this!

  4. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    I don’t know how to bloody rhyme.

  5. a comment, a word or a phrase
    a reader reads yet also says
    the writer writes without a nay
    of manners, of good, bad and disgraced

  6. if you let comments, snide or rude,
    ruin your day and spoil your mood,
    then you’re neurotic and one could
    most certainly say that you’re a prude

  7. anonymous said “you are fat”
    but there is nothing wrong with that
    you put up photos for all to see
    now cut down on the kfc

  8. the trolls that write these words unpure
    are probably just insecure
    they secretly want to get thinner
    and hotter and smarter just like dalena

  9. Writing comments is an art
    It’s good if they’re smart
    If you have nothing to say
    Talk to the hand and go away

  10. Blogs thrive on opinions
    It’s the same with nuts and pinions
    But whatever you spew
    Make sure it’s something new

  11. mean comments
    are but odds and ends
    unlike sticks and stones
    they break no bones

  12. flamers and haters, why do you care?
    take your cries for attention elsewhere

  13. leave a name,
    don’t be lame.
    be polite,
    you know it’s only right.

  14. u’re in another person’s house and they’re expecting you!
    revealing their innermost thoughts and views
    give a moment before you disrespect
    cos it’s their house and it’s all about their percept
    disagree? feel free to leave and never come back

  15. food for thought
    time to prod
    stir the shit
    be a crit

  16. Kai says “No more KFC” is right,
    In some cultures, that will start a fight.
    Kai says “Its not wrong being Fat”,
    In some cultures, agreed! Men love that!

  17. The trolls that write these words unpure,
    Kai might as well say Leprechauns are demure.
    Thinner and hotter and smarter than Dalena
    Kai probably wrote that smoking a Sampoerna.

  18. Things Lou write only he will know,
    One day hopefully his prose will flow.
    In the mean time no one is impressed,
    But Lou will write it his way more or less.


  19. Pray be constructive
    Undeveloped thoughts leave me convulsive
    Recheck your spelling
    Excessive punctuation is not compelling

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