Astroturfing: fake grass?

February 20, 2008

What is Astroturfing?

In American politics and advertising, the term astroturfing describes formal public relations projects which deliberately seek to engineer the impression of spontaneous, grassroots behavior (Wikipedia)

Anti-Astroturfing Code of Ethics

The New PR – AntiAstroturfing

  • I will not fabricate a public concern by paying or coercing individuals to falsely act as concerned citizens.

  • When supporting grassroots efforts, I will ensure that I am transparent in all my actions and clearly and publicly state what actions I am taking and which organization or client I represent.

  • I will never knowingly distort of falsify information to help my client/interest achieve a strategic/emotional advantage in a public debate.

  • I will encourage all grassroots supporters to be open and honest in all of their communications, just as I will be open and honest in mine.

How You Can Make A Difference!

  • Join the conversation – write against astroturfing on your blog or comment on the blog posts listed on this site

  • Declare you and / your agency astroturf free

  • Expose possible examples of astroturfing

  • Link to anti-astroturfing websites and add your name to the list of supporters

  • Call on your politicians to take tougher legislative action against astroturfing

  • Call on your industry / professional association to speak out against astroturfing

  • Encourage friends and colleagues to get involved

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