But Wait, Isn’t Commenting Inseparable From Blogs?

February 20, 2008

Keep in mind that when your comments are an extension of yourself, ie an extension of your personal brand!

1) Ask Or Say Something Intelligent – True comment “I dont no what you think you is saying here, but I dont think you dont think to good on this here subject. I dont think this through”

2) Add To The Conversation – thoughts, feelings, give, share, exchange.

Five Things Not To Say:

1) Great Post.

2) You Suck. (It’s immature!)

3) You’re Awesome. (Butt-kissing won’t get someone to click on your link)

4) This Sucks. (See #2)

5) I’m Awesome. (Shameless self-promotion. When possible, use a trackback)

What about anonymous comments?

Someone may wish to remain anonymous because they fear consequences for revealing critical information about a person or company. There should be a place for such people to leave anonymous comments.

Conversation 2: Commenting Rhymes

Final word rhyme on commenting?

If you need a little rhyme to remember the commenting policy, commit this to memory:

iCiNG is a positive place
We treat others with respect & grace
If I act like a stinker, then I understand
That my fine ass will be kicked & banned!



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  2. Good points all. And a nice summary.

    However, it is highly recommended that you do not force font sizes in your blog posts. If you want the font larger, use the text size feature of your browser.

    Larger fonts are for headings and specific points of expression, like I show in WordPress.com Blog Bling: Fun Font Bling.

    Those like me of the hard-to-see blog reader types like to control the font sizes with our browser and hate having control taken away. Just my two cents of advice. 😀

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